OVF 2016 blog picks: sign-up Streete, make-up with the Sentinel and attract the kids…

OVF 2016 blog picks: sign-up Streete, make-up with the Sentinel and attract the kids…

We’ve hand-picked a selection of opinion pieces from OVF editor Rob Fielding plus a poem and memoir from OVF favourite Barry Edge.

Rob Fielding

remie-streete-new-bwOn Remie Streete’s contract

“What’s more worrying for me is that Vale could be in danger of losing Remie Streete for a pittance…”


December 2016

sentinel-smurthwaiteOn the club banning the Sentinel

“It seems that only in the world of Port Vale can the press be banned from a press conference…”


June 2016

twitterOn Port Vale’s summer business

“The digs at Page, Baggaley et al came across as undignified and unnecessary…”


June 2016

railway-port-valeOn the club’s identity

“Why not come up with a short, pithy opening paragraph, a club vision that really shows what the club wants to commit to and make people aware of it?”


May 2016

boomerOn how to attract the next generation of fans

“For me the question is how can Vale not afford to let youngsters in for free…”


March 2016

crewe-fansOn how to counter negative Vale fans

“But for me, the problem also lies with John Rudge. I’m only half-joking…”


February 2016

Barry Edge

vintage-fansOn journeying to Vale Park

“We’d start to go our separate ways when reaching Fellbrook Lane
But not before we promised to do it all again –
To walk to see our heroes in the same way as before
Plus fizzy pop, fish and chips, sweets and much, much more”


July 2016

milk-bottlesOn a memorable milk round

“By now I was completely baffled, and still struggling to maintain eye to eye contact with her…”


October 2016

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