Vale fans post-Shrewsbury reaction: bemusement at negative tactics

Vale fans post-Shrewsbury reaction: bemusement at negative tactics

There was one overriding theme on our match thread following Vale’s goalless draw with Shrewsbury – are the tactics too negative?

Many Vale fans have been calling for the side to play with two upfront for weeks (and would point out that the team often play better late in the game when an additional forward has been added) but Vale persisted with one upfront on Saturday and came away with a 0-0 draw against the division’s bottom side.

Here is a selection of the views:

The big problem for us is the tactics, organisation and slow build-up play which can only be laid at the blame of our manager…


Is he totally oblivious to the fact that ONE UP FRONT DOES NOT WORK with the players we have?


Bruno has no plan B. One up top all the time and today against a poor team when we’re desperate for a win…


One up front = no goals scored. Goalless draw was the best we could hope for. It’s a pity Bruno didn’t attack one of the leakiest defences in the country!


Clean sheet but why, oh why, does he play Jones out wide second half? Barmy…

Class personified

For me, to play quite possibly the worst side in the league (and they truly are shocking!) and still stick with one up front, a formation that’s quite clearly not been working, is just unacceptable…


Surely there cannot be agreement by the management and senior players on the tactics and team formations? I know we have injuries and a thin squad of experience but we should be doing better with what we have…


We were quite poor today and it was lucky that Shrewsbury are not very good as they had several good chances to score…

Rampant Zebra

Well that was an awful game played out by two dreadful teams. Our first half performance was as bad as Tuesday night…


Yet again the manager sets us up to not lose a game instead of going out to win. We were the playing the team bottom of the league and we have three left-backs playing. He makes Page’s team look attacking…

Bucknall Rob

I think that we do actually have a decent team if he plays people in their correct positions and just goes two up top and tells them to play attacking football. On two occasions at least (Charlton and Oxford) we started with one up top, went in to half-time losing, changed to two up top and could actually see the difference it made to get us back into the game…


The tactics and team selections of Bruno are dull, dull, dull. Why does he play a left-back on the right wing but leave two recognised wingers on the bench?

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