Andoh agent makes appeal for Smurthwaite to negotiate

Enoch Andoh’s agent Saif Rubie has called on Port Vale chairman Norman Smurthwaite to negotiate a “fair” deal with the winger.

On Monday, Smurthwaite tweeted to indicate that agreement could not be reached with the promising winger.

However, Andoh’s agent Saif Rubie says that the club are trying to lock the player into a £500 contract for two years.

He says that Andoh “loves” the club  and that he (Rubie) paid £2,000 in hospital bills to aid the player’s recovery when the club wouldn’t send him to the “best surgeon.”

Rubie says that the injured player would accept a contract of £500 a week until January and then renegotiate a salary after that time (by which point Andoh should have reached full fitness and be able to prove his worth).

In a series of tweets Rubie said:

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