Owner claims low budget was to engineer Page exit

Owner claims low budget was to engineer Page exit

In a somewhat unusual tweet, Norman Smurthwaite has suggested that the summer’s low budget was intended to persuade manager Rob Page and out-of-contract players to leave.

In a tweet Smurthwaite said:

It seems an odd strategy to use considering that:

a) Page was under contract for another year and there was no guarantee that another club would be interested and he would agree terms and leave – and all before the summer transfer window ended.

b) Page had generally done well in his first full season – bringing in the likes of Anthony Grant, Sam Foley and Ben Purkiss plus developing youngsters Jak Alnwick, Enoch Andoh and JJ Hooper and installing a new coaching staff.

c) Out-of-contract players were offered contracts when the owner didn’t want them. If the owner wanted a clear-out why not sack Page and release all out-of-contract players.

Some fans may argue that this is a rewriting of events to suit the owner’s viewpoint nevertheless, this is Smurthwaite’s version of events and he now says that he is now “reviewing” the summer budget depending on who is appointed manager.

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