Claims – Reporting restrictions in place for fans forum

Claims – Reporting restrictions in place for fans forum

Tweets from fans present at the Port Vale fans forum have claimed that Chairman Norman Smurthwaite has said that “legal action” may be taken against any reporting in the media.

According to reports, the Sentinel newspaper was excluded from the forum.

A tweet on social media claims:

Quite how the rule of a “private” meeting can be enforced with may fans present and with the prevalence of social media is unclear.

However, in accordance with these comments, OVF will not be providing any further updates on the meeting.

OVF Comment:

Frankly, OVF believes that if the comments attributed to Smurthwaite are true then it is a ridiculous decision. A fans forum is surely there to provide all fans with information, not just those who can make it to Burslem on Tuesday evening.

A club should take every opportunity to communicate with fans and the media, not try to impose restrictions which will only breed rumours and innuendo.