OVF sponsor Port Vale’s game against Rochdale

OVF sponsor Port Vale’s game against Rochdale

The onevalefan.co.uk website will be taking part in their second match sponsorship of the season on Saturday.

Following on from the site’s earlier sponsorship of the game against Scunthorpe earlier this season, OVF will also be match sponsors for the game against Rochdale.

A party of ten OVF regulars will be in attendance on Saturday. They will be deciding Vale’s official man of the match and making a presentation to the winning player.

The sponsorship is part of OVF’s commitment to the club which includes bringing in over £27,500 in club revenue over the lifetime of the onevalefan.co.uk website. The revenue has come through match sponsorships, Barry Edge’s “Guess the crowd” competition prizes (which are sourced from the Port Vale club shop) and other sponsorships, adverts and donations over the site’s twenty year existence.

OVF hopes to sponsor a number of home games next season and if you wish to join us then register your interest by emailing:


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