Chesterfield Fans: We are absolutely shocking, the board has no vision…

A pair of Chesterfield fans are somewhat downbeat ahead of their team’s game against Port Vale this weekend.

REP was talking to two fans from the Bob’s Board forum

About the fans…

novakisaspireite – My name’s Joe and I’ve been a fan for about twelve years now. I’m currently a season ticket holder.

a kick in the balls – My first game was in 1978

How are your team doing?

We’re very boring to watch, no threat upfront at all, and our midfield is non-existent…

novakisaspireite -We are absolutely shocking. We’re very boring to watch, no threat upfront at all, and our midfield is non-existent since we sold our Captain Sam Morsy. Overall, we are very poor.

a kick in the balls – Poor. It’s been a very disappointing season, following a series of blunders by our incompetent CEO. Still, its our owners choice to continue his employment.

Where you think you will finish?

novakisaspireite -21st.

a kick in the balls – Hopefully fifth bottom. We have to hope there are four sides worse than us.

Who should we watch out for?

novakisaspireite -Lee Novak [well, you would say that with that forum username – OVF] He works very hard and has a good shot on him. Sam Hird is a good, solid player as well. The rest of our players are useless though.

a kick in the balls – Lee Novak.

What are your thoughts on your manager?

novakisaspireite -Danny [Wilson] is a good bloke stuck with an awful squad. Obviously he’s very experienced, but I believe he’ll be stepping down at the end of the season if rumours are true.

a kick in the balls – He’s doing OK in the circumstances.

What are your thoughts on your board?

The board has no vision. We’re deeply in debt, eight or nine million, I believe…

novakisaspireite -It’s a disgrace how our football club is being run. The board has no vision. We’re deeply in debt, eight or nine million, I believe. We’ve sold all of our good players and the money has vanished completely. Our board also has very poor decision making like; ¬†signing the wrong players, wasting what little money we have, stupid contract lengths, and selling players for peanuts. We’re in desperate need of investment or I can honestly see this club going bankrupt in a few years as we’re losing too much money.

a kick in the balls – Disgraceful – our financial performance in the last three years, despite record gates and player sales is shocking. Activities of business ventures linked to the club and run by club officials, is, well, raising some questions.

Any views on the current Port Vale team?

novakisaspireite -I am very surprised with Port Vale this season as I thought they would get relegated due to them selling a lot of players in the summer, but they have done very well and are on to a solid top-half finish. Their home record is surprisingly good as well. They seem to have spent their money wisely in my opinion, and brought in players that can do a job and work hard.

a kick in the balls – Most are better than anything we have.

Any views of players involved with both teams?

novakisaspireite -Sam Morsy. When he first moved to us from Vale he was undisciplined and sometimes a liability. But he quickly developed into a role model and an outstanding player. He was the best central midfielder I have ever seen at Chesterfield. I heard Port Vale only sold him because of him fighting with a team mate or something [Morsy was dropped after he was sent-off and then allegedly falling out with the manager, which arguably led to him rejecting a new contract РOVF]  but they made a massive loss because he turned out to be a brilliant player.

a kick in the balls – Ernie Moss. Legend. there is a benefit match for him and a charity coming soon. If your fans who remember Ernie can attend it would be nice.

A score prediction?

novakisaspireite -Chesterfield 0-2 Port Vale. Leitch-Smith to score at least once.

a kick in the balls – I’d take a 0-0 now!!!

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