Access to the OVF forum

Access to the OVF forum

Rob wants to check that everyone can access the forum correctly and is able to login and post.

Please note that the URL is now

If you are experiencing any problems please let him know via:

Twitter – @onevalefan

Email –

Please note that he is aware of the following issues that all will hopefully be restored in coming days:

  • The Tapatalk app will not work at present
  • There may also be problems with the OVF app
  • Ad-free membership is not working
  • Forum posts are not showing on the OVF frontpage
  • The mobile version of the forum is VERY basic

Thanks for your patience. In the last 24 hours 646,000 forum posts and 3,983 blog posts had to be restored from backup. This was a big job and as a result some other elements of the site are still needing attention.