“If I can help anyone then great” – brave McPhee talks about depression

Former striker Steve McPhee has opened up to the Sentinel about depression and the time he tried to take his own life because he hopes his story may help others.

In a searingly honest interview McPhee says: “At the time I would be scared to say this or that. Now I am happy to say it, it doesn’t make me weak, it makes me stronger for talking about it. If, by doing this I can help anyone then great.

“It is an illness and it can be dealt with. There are charities and people who can help.

“The biggest thing is talking about it. You don’t have to do it publicly like I am doing, but the best thing is talk about it to someone.

“There are so many people who have been there and gone through it. I am just one example and I am sure there are hundreds of different ways of depression, but there are people you can talk to.”

The complete interview

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