Burton fans: We’re the “best run club in the UK” but it’s “unbelievable” to be top

Burton fans: We’re the “best run club in the UK” but it’s “unbelievable” to be top

Burton fans can barely believe their league position and are looking forward to a cracking local derby game against the Valiants.

REP was talking to three fans from the cloughthemagicdragon forum.

About the fans…

ETONPARKER64 – My first season was 1963-64 and I have supported them since then.
TERRACEMAN57 – I’ve been an Albion fan for nearly 50 years. I have lived in Hanley, Audley and Silverdale but I still went to watch the Brewers every week.
RAYVON – The first game I remember was against Wimbledon in the mid 1970’s. It was a 1-1 draw t Eton Park. Wimbledon were a “big” non-league club.

How are your team doing?

We are top and that far exceeds my start of season expectations…

ETONPARKER64 – We are top and that far exceeds my start of season expectations. I thought we would be placed lower to mid-table in our first season in league one.
TERRACEMAN57 – Our current form has been a little patchy due to a lot of away games but feel we have come through that now. It’s a our first season in league one and unbelievably we are six points clear at the top.
RAYVON – I expected us to be scrapping at the foot of the table. We are top. I just laugh. And laugh. And laugh. It’s stupid. And funny. And it must hurt other proper league club’s fans. I still laugh. One chap said to me “little non-league Burton”. I laughed.

Where you think you will finish?

ETONPARKER64 – I hope we will retain our position and get one of the automatic promotion positions.
TERRACEMAN57 – Looking at our current position I think we are looking at the title or runners up spot. Five more wins from our remaining 10 games should be enough.
RAYVON – I don’t care. I hope that we don’t get relegated but even then, not a problem.

Who should we watch out for?

ETONPARKER64 – They are all dangerous as we are very much a team.
TERRACEMAN57 – I wouldn’t say we have any individuals to watch out for now that El Khayati has gone to QPR. Our strength is in the team which is stronger than its parts if that makes sense.
RAYVON – More of a team than a bunch of prima donas. You should watch all 18.

What are your thoughts on your manager?

What a story it would be if he can get us to the Championship…

ETONPARKER64 – We know him well as he was with us for ten years. We now have him back and are benefiting from the things he has learned managing Derby and Sheffield United.
TERRACEMAN57 – Nigel Clough started the ball rolling 18 years ago and did ten years sterling service before being lured to “the sheep” and then moving on to Sheffield United. He took the club to the verge of the Football League in that time, leaving them with a big lead at the top of the Conference. I’m personally delighted he is back to continue the journey, what a story it would be if he can get us to the Championship.
RAYVON – He’s a hero and a legend.

Did you attend the reverse fixture earlier this season?

TERRACEMAN57 – In the reverse fixture Vale just didn’t turn up, they were probably the worst visiting team this season although they only had ten men for about 65 minutes. Although the goals came late it was an easy three points. I knew they had more to offer than that and recent form suggests that.
RAYVON – Yes, great game. We had Nasser [El Khayati] then of course, who played a big role in our win.

What are your thoughts on your board?

We’re the best run club in the UK. Ben Robinson is a hero and a legend….

ETONPARKER64 – I cannot praise our chairman and the board too highly. Off the field we have developed year on year for over ten years and our Academy, community trust and commercial activities are all integral parts of the clubs on-going success.
TERRACEMAN57 – We are very fortunate to be owned by a fan and local business man Ben Robinson, under his astute chairmanship the club have progressed beyond the supporters wildest dreams. With the promotions has come a new stadium and income opportunities and a community trust scheme to be proud of. The club have never spent what they did not have and consistently make a profit year on year.
RAYVON – We’re the best run club in the UK. Ben Robinson is a hero and a legend.

A score prediction?

ETONPARKER64 – 0-1 with Duffy scoring for Burton. Good luck to you for the rest of the season from next Sunday onwards!
TERRACEMAN57 – I am expecting a tight local derby, the result could go either way as such, hoping for at least a point but three points are quite possible if we are at the races from the off. It should be a great atmosphere!
RAYVON – Port Vale will comfortably win 5 nil!

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