Barnsley fans: the Vale game is massive

Barnsley fans: the Vale game is massive

Here are the views of two Barnsley fans ahead of their team’s highly anticipated visit to Vale Park.

REP was speaking to two fans from the BBS Forum.

About the fans…

WHITEY:  I’m 34 this year and I’ve been watching the Reds since 1988.

EXTREMELY NORTHERN: I’m in my mid-40’s and a bit faulty, mainly due to following Barnsley for 40 years.

How’s your team doing?

WHITEY: We’re on a superb run, after experiencing the worst run in my lifetime. It’s a crazy season. I thought we’d finish mid table with potential to flirt with the play-offs. We’re doing just that.

EXTREMELY NORTHERN: It’s bizarre considering how results were early on – I thought we might be top half at the start so if we make play-offs then happy days. If we then go up that is.

What are your thoughts on the manager?

WHITEY: He’s one of us. He speaks well. And the results so far have been brilliant.

EXTREMELY NORTHERN: He’s starting to prove his mettle.

Where do you think you’ll finish?

WHITEY: I hope we make the play-offs obviously and think we can do. But the Vale game is massive.


Who should we watch out for?

WHITEY: We never know the team at the minute with so many injuries, call ups etc. but definitely look out for Conor Hourihane, our captain and playmaker.

EXTREMELY NORTHERN: They’re all injured or away on international duty.

What are your thoughts on the board?

WHITEY: They are hit and miss. But I do feel they’re doing everything with the best intentions.

EXTREMELY NORTHERN: Swear filter activated!

Did you attend the reverse fixture?

EXTREMELY NORTHERN: Yes and as per at that stage we got bullied out of the game.

Any views on players who’ve been involved with both sides?

WHITEY: I liked Carl Dickinson. He was limited in terms of ability, but gave 100% for the cause despite only being on loan. It was some years ago though and he looked spent the last few times I’ve seen him. It’s a shame Isgrove isn’t playing tomorrow, he’d give him nightmares.

EXTREMELY NORTHERN: Sam Togwell is the only one I can recall. Good midfielder.

A score prediction?

WHITEY: Not a clue. Sorry, I honestly don’t know. It’s a massive game though for both sides so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a high scoring affair. So on that basis I’ll say 0-0.

EXTREMELY NORTHERN: 1-0 to you lads.

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