Port Vale in “exclusivity” deal with potential buyer

Port Vale in “exclusivity” deal with potential buyer

Norman Smurthwaite has told BBC Radio Stoke that he has entered an exclusivity deal with a potential purchaser of the club.

Smurthwaite put the football club up for sale in December 2015. He told BBC Radio Stoke: “I am subject to an exclusivity agreement that was entered into just before Christmas and expires at the end of this month. The party in question paid a fee for that exclusivity and, if they complete before the end of the month, they buy the club. If they don’t then they lose the deposit that they lodged.

“I have provided all the information available, it is for that party to decide whether they wish to proceed at the price I put forward before they lodged the deposit for the exclusivity.

“But I haven’t taken my foot off the gas as far as running the club is concerned, just in case it doesn’t happen.”

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