Matched Betting: Excellent support helps put me quids in

OVF is experimenting with the world of matched betting. In this update, Rob explains how much he’s won and some useful tips and tricks.

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Earlier this month, I told you about my experiment in the world of matched betting with the delightful team. Now, it’s time for an update.

Firstly, how did my efforts go?

I’d seriously recommend a company that can offer you excellent support along the way…

Well, thanks to the constant support of yesbets it was a comfortable trip into matched betting. The yesbets team pride themselves on offering help and support – and believe you me, it was much needed and appreciated. It’s not an easy thing to pick up if you’re a newbie so if you do decide to try it out then I’d seriously recommend a company that can offer you excellent support along the way. The yesbets site has a live chat feature – something that was well used by me as I slowly got used to the system. It’s an invaluable support to know you can instantly chat to an expert whenever you get stuck or have a question.

My first attempts to earn money involved getting some £5 free bets off Coral. And my first lesson for anyone who tries to copy my attempts – you do need to have enough cash to have a balance (“a float” in other words) with the various betting companies and also with the betting exchange. In my case that was an outlay of £90 – £75 with Betfair, £5 with Coral (freeing up free bets) and a tenner with Paddy Power (freeing up a £30 in free bets). But don’t be alarmed – that amount is never in danger of being lost – it’s merely used to enable free bets and also you need a reasonable balance in order to place your lay bet (in layman’s term, a bet which is the opposite to your first bet thus guaranteeing you bring home some money).

So, what’s the total so far? Well, I’m pleased to report that I’m up £26 and a penny so far. And with some more bets in play this week, that total is set to rise.

Here’s a run-down of my bets so far:

  • Sunderland v Man Utd (lost 11p – this bet is used with Coral to free up the next four free bets)

  • Paris SG v Lille (won £3.67)

  • Leeds v Middlesbrough (won £2.45)

  • Leeds v Middlesbrough (won £3.55 – my second bet on this match)

  • Burnley v Rotherham (won £3.98)

  • Coral profit: £13.54

  • Sheff Utd v Port Vale (lost 76p – another qualifying bet with Paddy Power to free up the next free bet)

  • Chelsea v Man City (won £13.23)

  • Paddy Power profit: £12.47

  • TOTAL: £26.01 PROFIT

So, if you want to try it out for yourself, go to this link to sign-up for a FREE Yesbets account.

Don’t forget, we even have a dedicated forum thread on OVF here for any questions you may have…

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