Matched Betting: Day one – earnings £0

OVF has linked up with YesBets to try matched betting – this blog will detail our success (or otherwise)…

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So what’s this all about? Well, in February 2016 OVF was approached by a company called YesBets. They had a product that they thought was perfect for the OVF audience. They didn’t want to use the traditional route of advertising, they wanted to show that the product REALLY worked.

So, now it’s down to YesBets to convince me…

And this is where this blog comes in.

YesBets specialise in matched betting – it’s a process whereby you place a bet for every possible outcome (matching your bets) and take advantage of free bets offered by Bookmakers to make a profit.

OK, like you, I was a bit cynical about the whole thing. After all, if something is guaranteed to make you a profit why isn’t everyone doing it.

So, now it’s down to YesBets to convince me. Their first recommendation is to earn £15 from Coral bookmakers. I’m going to lay down my bets and report back on how I get on…

More information

If you’re interested in matched betting, click on this link to set up a free YesBets account

Yes Bets support have created this dedicated forum thread on the OVF forum to answer questions and concerns.

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