Wigan fan: The manager is impressive and we’re doing OK…

Wigan fan: The manager is impressive and we’re doing OK…

A Wigan is feeling confident ahead of their side’s meeting with Port Vale at the weekend.

REP chatted with Wigan fan MOONAY from the Northern Soul forum ahead of their game with the Vale


About the fan…

“I’ve been a supporter since we joined the league in 1978. I fell away in late ’80s due to a number of reasons, but I started watching again when we were in the Championship to avoid my young lad supporting United!”


How are your team doing?

To some, we’re doing poorly because even though they think we’re ****, we’re not top of the league! (No, it doesn’t make sense to me either). For me, we’re doing OK. We should have a play-off position sewn up, and we’re in with a good shout of an automatic place.

Where you think you will finish?


Who should we watch out for?

Yanic Wildschut is quick, like **** off a shovel… although sometimes, he forgets the shovel!

What are your thoughts on your manager?

He’s learning. I’m more impressed with him each month.

What are your thoughts on your board?

They are committed and sensible.

Any views on the current Port Vale team?

I remember your little left winger [OVF – Enoch Andoh – still injured, sadly] causing a few problems at your place.

Any views and memories of players that have been involved with both teams?

I remember seeing one of the Chamberlains (Mark?) at your place… very impressed. Eamonn O’Keefe would be the stand-out “joint” player. He was superb for us at the time.

A score prediction?

3-0 to us… Scorers – Power, Vuckic and McCann.