Vote: Is it time to switch the away end?

Vote: Is it time to switch the away end?

One interesting result of the latest Port Vale Supporters Club meeting was the beginning of a debate on which end the away fans should be housed in.

Currently the away supporters are housed in the Hamil End but a possible switch of ends for away fans was debated at the meeting. Moving to the Bycars could potentially prevent home and away fans meeting in the Hamil Road but it would also mean that some Bycars regulars would have to give up their seats.

Police Chief Inspector Adrian Roberts attended the meeting and commented:  “I would be happy to be open for a debate to look at what the fan lay out in the ground might be. I know that is something very precious to fans because some of you have places in the ground that you and your fathers and fathers before them have sat in.

“It is probably a debate for supporters with your club, and involving police, to see what that looks like.”

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