Blackpool fans: We’re improving a little, but not enough

Blackpool fans: We’re improving a little, but not enough

Blackpool fans bemoan their recent poor cup form and are not hopeful of a win on Tuesday night.

Our Opposing views feature looks at the views of Port Vale’s next opponents. The questions were asked by REP

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About the fans

TANGERINE77 – I actually went to Bloomfield Road for the first time as an Everton fan, Blackpool played them in a testimonial in the late 80’s. Luckily when I joined secondary school and there were a few more Blackpool fans, I came to my senses and haven’t looked back.

PUBCLOWN – I’ve been a fan since the late ’80’s under Sam Ellis. My first real memories were standing on the old terraces, with the smell of cigarettes and pies.

How do you expect your team to do in the cups?

Since I’ve supported us we’ve never really had decent cup runs…

TANGERINE77 – To be knocked out in the first round of every cup, as usual!

PUBCLOWN – Awful. It’s not really the fact that we have a poor team, more the fact that since I’ve supported us we’ve never really had decent cup runs apart from the LDV in 2002 and 2004.

Your favourite cup memory?

TANGERINE77 – Beating Man City on penalties at Maine Rd in the League Cup, I think it was around ’97. The best ever away atmosphere.

PUBCLOWN – Probably Spurs at home in the FA Cup third round in 1991. We lost the game 1-0 thanks to an ex-player of ours, Paul Stewart. The significance of it to me was the fact that Lineker, Gazza and the rest were playing in our run-down ground.

Who should we watch out for?

TANGERINE77 – Cullen is a very good striker with service, problem is most of the time he has none. He is only small but we seem to want to hoof the ball to him.

PUBCLOWN – It’s a difficult question as I know very little about this season’s team as I’m boycotting games due to the family in charge. Mark Cullen seems to be getting a few goals this season so I’ll go with him.

Which Vale player will you be wary of?

TANGERINE77 – I kid you not that I can’t even name one player. I remember Robin van der Laan, though, he was good from memory, oh and that keeper Paul Musslewhite.

PUBCLOWN – I hear Colin Daniel is decent but I’m not too sure on your squad.

Any memories of previous games between the sides?

TANGERINE77 – Early 90’s I think. The score might have been 4-2 to you? I seem to remember Vale had three-quarters of Bloomfield Rd.

PUBCLOWN – One stands out, not for the best reasons. Think it was 1993 and you went up and your last game was against us at ours. Think you won 4-2 and we’d only just stayed up by the skin of our teeth. It was a scorching hot day and you lot invaded the pitch. It was a decent game to be fair.

A score prediction?

We are improving a little but not enough…

TANGERINE77 – 3-0 Vale – you more or less got a bye to the next round when you drew us.

PUBCLOWN – I think it will be a narrow Vale victory, 2-1. We are improving a little but not enough.