Time for Port Vale to plan for the future?

Should Port Vale be planning ahead and trying to tie key players to long-term contracts?

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With the transfer window out of the way, one topic that has been raised on the OVF forum is how to prevent some of Vale’s leading lights from leaving.

Some fans have suggested that the likes of winger Enoch Andoh and goalkeeper Jak Alnwick should be offered long-term deals now, rather than negotiate with the pair when their current deals are starting to run down and other clubs start to show an interest. After all, do we want another Mark Marshall scenario?

Vale will need to be canny, know the market and hope for a little luck….

It’s certainly a persuasive argument in one respect, but I can understand the club’s reluctance in some ways. There are no givens in football and what should happen if those players get injured or lose form– the club are then left with two, expensive long-term deals.

My response would be that all elements of football require a gamble or leap of faith. Just like a seasoned gambler playing online at a website such as newcasinosonline.org, Vale will need to be canny, know the market and hope for a little luck.

After all, no deals can be guaranteed successes. That striker, who was so prolific elsewhere, could be a dud at Vale Park. That reliable defender could get injured minutes after signing.

It’s therefore crucial that Vale have the right people in the right places to assess a player’s potential. No prediction can be 100% guaranteed but if Alnwick and Andoh look like the real deal (and to this observer they do) then surely the sensible approach is to sign them up before another club makes an approach.

Yes, it’s a gamble but hopefully a calculated one.

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