Opposing views: Wigan

Opposing views: Wigan

Our final pre-season look at new arrivals to the division concludes with Wigan Athletic…

The contributions from three Wigan fans from the thisnorthernsoul.co.uk website.

Best player last season?

WILDHEART – James Perch, it would have been McClean but for his disciplinary record.
MOONAY – No-one.
OLD WOLF – None.

Highlight(s) of last season on the pitch?

The final whistle at Brentford, it put us out of our misery…

WILDHEART – The final whistle at Brentford, it put us out of our misery.
MOONAY – Mackay leaving.
OLD WOLF – None.

Worst moment of last season?

WILDHEART – The beginning to end was a pile of poo.
MOONAY – Mackay’s appointment. (I know that this isn’t exactly “on” the pitch, but that shaped everything).
OLD WOLF – All of it.

Sum up the last season in a sentence or two?

WILDHEART – We under achieved, a squad that you have got us in the play-offs but a squad who couldn’t be arsed coupled with two inept managers meant League One next season.
MOONAY – Dispensed into the annals of time.
OLD WOLF – Teams have probably had worse seasons, but I can’t think of any.

How was last season off the pitch?

It was the kiss of death appointing Mackay…

WILDHEART – It was the kiss of death appointing Mackay, irrespective of the toxicity of his off field texts, e-mails, etc, he was a God awful manager.
MOONAY – At least we’re not racists any more!
OLD WOLF – Total bloody shambles.

Your expectation for next season?

WILDHEART – Mid-table stability, I’ve no idea who the squad is going to be with mass exodus expected from the current squad.
MOONAY – Ideally win the league – realistically mid-table.
OLD WOLF – Obviously hoping for a title punch, but expecting mid-table at best.

Where do you need to strengthen on the pitch?

WILDHEART – Everywhere bar the keepers.
MOONAY – With all of the players.
OLD WOLF – Defence, midfield and up front.

If you could take one Port Vale player for next season who would it be?

WILDHEART – Tom Pope if you still had him.
MOONAY – Mark Chamberlain.
OLD WOLF – Anyone who can score goals.

What do the club need to do off-field to improve?

Get a coaching staff who can coach and motivate the players properly…

WILDHEART – Cut season ticket prices and introduce discounts for unemployed and those on benefits, build an academy (yeah, right) and scrap car park charges.
MOONAY – Pies could be better.
OLD WOLF – Get a coaching staff who can coach and motivate the players properly.

If you were granted one wish for next season, what would it be?

WILDHEART – A competitive squad with crowds big enough to enable us to stabilise for the future.
MOONAY – A threesome with … oops… wrong context! To not disgrace ourselves.
OLD WOLF – Find a working TARDIS and go back two seasons and convince Jack not to appoint Owen Coyle.