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Why Bradford bucked the trend for increasing ticket prices

Why Bradford bucked the trend for increasing ticket prices

A bit of a move away from our usual content, but we thought this video offered an excellent insight into Bradford City’s reasoning for their £149 season ticket prices.

It also contains details of the Football Supporters Federation’s campaign to make all away match prices £20.


Away fans are vital to the health of football. They bring noise and colour to grounds and often spark the home support into life, generating the atmosphere that appeals to TV audiences around the world.

But away numbers are dropping thanks to the obstacles in place – ridiculous ticket prices, rising costs of travel, TV messing about with fixtures, worst seats in the house, unfriendly stewarding, police interference with KO times and “bubble matches”.

Home fans face challenges but it’s travelling supporters who are often at the sharp end – solve their problems and the benefits flow towards home fans too. The FSF will campaign, demonstrate and lobby to ensure away fans’ unique contribution is recognised. Get involved and do your bit below.

Sign the FSF’s Twenty is Plenty for away fans petition here 

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