Just the ticket…

Just the ticket…

Here’s Barry Edge with another poem – this time congratulating the club on their season ticket initiative

Barry Edge writes…

This exile is absolutely delighted with the timing of this early bird season ticket offer for 2015-16 which also includes extra incentives to give better all-round value for our money.

“Smurf” tells us the credit for this excellent offer is due to a ‘group of loyal and dedicated fans’ who have spent time and energy suggesting the best possible pricing and other incentives to tempt our Port Vale appetite. He says his task to implement it has been the easiest of all.

So, here’s my take on it – poet’s licence permitted.



Just the Ticket

The latest news from Burslem Town
From my inbox did retrieve,
I read each word, not once but twice
For my eyes could scarce believe –
My season ticket when renewed
For the following ‘Campaign
Is a modest little increase
Of eighty seven pence per game

But hang about there’s much, much more
From the Radford man et al,
Like paying five instalments –
All interest free as well,
But you’ll need to take advantage
By signing up today,
Because this generous offer
Will close come end of May

You will get a match-day programme –
Not a penny will you pay –
Just another super reason
To sign up straight away,
Plus this offer starts immediately
According to our SMURF –
When Bradford City come to play
On Burslem’s hallowed turf

There’ll be discounts in the ‘Club Shop –
The Barewall Gallery too,
And for specials on computers
The Manor Shop’s for you,
And if we read between the lines
It seems there’s more to come
To tease and wet our appetites –
To increase our match-day fun

Barry Edge
Western Australia
January 18, 2015

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