Enjoy a bet? Here’s how to set a Football Accumulator

Enjoy a bet? Here’s how to set a Football Accumulator

We know that many viewers of the onevalefan.co.uk like to take a punt on the weekly football results. There are many ways of getting a good return with one of the more popular methods being the accumulator bet.

Here’s our guide to how to set it up…

Set up an online account. William Hill is one of the most respected bookmakers out there and you sign-up to claim a free bet of up to £25.

Sign-in and click the ‘deposit’ button at the top to get started. Remember, your money will be matched with up to £25 in free bets.

Weigh up the odds. While the chances of winning an individual bet are greater than an accumulator bet, the potential winnings are much greater with an accumulator.

Identify the Risks. The possible prizes for an accumulator bet are huge. One lucky punter in Glasgow won £350,000 with an accumulator bet on seven horse races with William Hill. The flip side of this huge potential win is the stake that you risk losing if your accumulator bet doesn’t come up trumps. So, it’s important not to get too carried away, even when the potential prize is so tempting. Just remember though, that with an accumulator bet, you only risk losing your initial stake.

The world of football betting offers so many, often confusing options. It will come as no surprise, therefore, that there are several different types of accumulator bet on offer. However, you will be pleased to know that they are fairly straightforward. A double for example, is a single stake placed on two different selections, which must both win for the bet to be successful. A treble is a single bet on three different outcomes, which must all win to claim your prize. A fourfold accumulator is a single bet on four different outcomes, which must all triumph to win. A fivefold, sixfold and sevenfold accumulator work in exactly the same way, but with an increasing number of bets that must win in order to claim an increasingly lucrative prize.

Enjoy yourself.

Why not begin now and Try the football accumulator of William Hill