Opposing views: Milton Keynes (FA Cup)

Opposing views: Milton Keynes (FA Cup)

Several Milton Keynes fans offer their opinions ahead of this weekend’s FA Cup game against Port Vale.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

DonsBoy – I’ve been following the Dons for 10 years now. My first game was against Bradford at the National Hockey Stadium in which we won 2-1! I’ve been to 39 different league grounds with the Dons and Vale Park will be my 40th!

Young Alby – I’ve been a supporter since 2007 but only really started going to games in 2008 when I moved back to Milton Keynes. Supporting my local team as a kid was great fun and I’ve not looked back.

Jamesdon – I’ve supported them since 2009 when my grandad starting taking me and now pretty much week in week out.

keyser soze – I’m an evil franchiser and I have no history. [OVF Editor – you said it!]

Bacchus – I didn’t support a previous club and initially hated the idea of having someone else’s club in Milton Keynes rather than a home grown one, but I slowly warmed to us over time. I started out an armchair supporter in the early days and through my teens followed the club through the match reports in the local paper going to several matches back at the NHS and a few at S:MK over a few years. I’d only really consider myself a serious supporter from 2010 onwards really when I started to go home and away whenever possible around university and other things. Although I still maintain that I’ve always wanted Milton Keynes’s club to be solely for Milton Keynes and still controversially propose (as any regular here would tell you 😛 ) that we drop the ‘Dons’ suffix and alter the club’s crest to reflect MK’s one. [OVF Editor – as you will notice, we refuse to use the “Dons” suffix in any OVF features]

Scumarmy – My name is Scumarmy and I’m a soccerholic. I’ve supported the Dons for 20 years.

2. How do you expect your team to do in the FA Cup this season?

It wouldn’t surprise me if we lost to Vale with the players we have out…

DonsBoy – I’d always expect us to get to the third round but especially this year I am not that bothered after our great run in the Capital One Cup.

Young Alby – Probably third round again, but wouldn’t surprise me if we lost to Vale with the players we have out.

Jamesdon – Third round is usually the bench mark.

keyser soze – We’ll lose to Vale [OVF Editor – Ah, the contrary, ironic supporter, we get you!]

Bacchus – Probably go out in the first round. Although we usually love a cup run and take it seriously the impression I get at the moment is we’re more bothered about the league so will probably rotate the squad a lot on Saturday. Robinson brazenly admitting that he wanted Potter and Kay to get their fifth yellow card match bans against Swindon so they’d miss the FA Cup game over a league one let the cat out of the bag really.

Scumarmy – I expect us to try our bestest and hopefully win it again.

3.What is your favourite FA Cup game / memory involving Milton Keynes?

My favourite FA cup game would be when we beat QPR 4-2 when they were last in the Premier League, a great result for any League One side…

DonsBoy – My favourite FA cup game would be when we beat QPR 4-2 when they were last in the Premier League, a great result for any League One side.

Young Alby – Beating AFC Wimbledon in Round Two in 2012, wasn’t the best game but the fashion we did it in was simply incredible. With everyone on our side and knowing we’d ruined pretty much ‘every proper football fan’s’ weekend that day with the injury time winner was so sweet. It was an emotionally draining build up to the match, and to get it over and done with when it looked like it was going to drag on an extra week and a bit heading for a replay was beyond amazing.

Jamesdon – The cup run of 12-13 where we beat QPR and AFC was brilliant but I’ll always remember the first FA Cup game where we came from 3-1 down against Exeter to win 4-3.

keyser soze – They’ll all say QPR 2-4 [OVF Editor – but we know you’re contrary so get on with it…] Mine is QPR 1-0 in the replay a year earlier. We were better than them at home in the original tie and we ran them close in the replay at their gaff. It was a good evening (the untended bar anyone?) and it was maybe the first time that we started to get some positive mainstream press.

Bacchus – I hate bringing it up so much because it makes us look very one-dimensional and as they say ‘obsessed’, but it has to be the Second Round tie against AFC Wimbledon in 2012. It had an incredibly tense atmosphere throughout and wasn’t one for the faint-hearted on either side. However, it had all the ingredients for a classic FA Cup tie; massive build-up, drama off the pitch, bitter grudges, a wonder goal, an underdog making a comeback and a shock finish.

Scumarmy – MK Dons 1-0 Liverpool, 1988 FA Cup final [OVF Editor – aha, another contrary one, we’ll have to watch out for this one too]

4. Who will win the FA Cup?

DonsBoy – Personally I think a club like Southampton will win it this year to go with a great season in the Premier League.

Young Alby – I think an outsider, not a ‘top four side’. Couldn’t name you who exactly, but if clubs like Southampton, Swansea, West Ham and Everton take it seriously I don’t see why they can’t win it as they’ve proven on their day this season they can perform against anyone. Would love a ‘small team’ to pull a cup run together though.

Jamesdon – Probably a top-four team if they take it seriously but it would be nice to see a lower league team do well.

keyser soze – Chelski

Bacchus – Probably end up being someone boring and predictable like Chelsea or Arsenal again. But I’d hope at least a few surprise lower league clubs make it to the later rounds and at least one top club goes out to a massive underdog.

Scumarmy – One of the teams still in it [OVF Editor – we told you to watch out for this one]

5. Favourite FA Cup goal?

DonsBoy – My favourite FA cup goal would be Jon Otsemobors back heel against AFC Wimbledon. A stunning goal, also as it was in the 90th minute!

Young Alby – In my lifetime, Jermain Beckford’s goal vs Manchester United at the Stretford End was special. As a fellow League One side, seeing Leeds pull one out of the bag against their greatest rivals was a right laugh.

Jamesdon – Hard to go against the Heel of God from John Otsemobor.

keyser soze – Ostemobor’s heel of God against KFC Kingston [OVF Editor – tsk, no need to be nasty now…]

Bacchus – A surprise one really because it has no history or significance, but Dele Alli’s goal against Cambridge City in the replay at home in 2012. I think it was his first ever senior goal and what a goal it was from range. I think it has a significance as an early milestone in the career of what could turn out to be the greatest player we’ve produced. It felt similar to Wayne Rooney’s first Premier League goal against Arsenal, it’s just a taste of what he could go on to become.

Scumarmy – The one where the guy heeled it passed the net-minder.

6. Your dangerman?

DonsBoy – I’d have to say Benik Afobe or Will Grigg depending on who plays, both are incredible strikers at this level who will cause any defence problems.

Young Alby – Daniel Powell, Benik Afobe and Ben Reeves.

Jamesdon – Benik Afobe and Dele Alli.

keyser soze – Dele Alli (though he’s played a lot recently and needs a rest – only 18). Benik Afobe will run you ragged.

Bacchus – Hard to know because I’m expecting us to field a weakened, rotated squad. I think several usual threats to watch out for won’t start against you. Usually I’d say Benik Afobe or Dele Alli though if it was a league fixture and depending how you defend.

Scumarmy – The guy that plays up front.

7. And who do you rate in the Vale side?

DonsBoy – Tom Pope, a great striker at this level who could really cause us some problems, especially with how shaky our defence has been this season.

Young Alby – Ryan McGivern, Tom Pope and Chris Lines, formally of our parish.

Jamesdon – Tom Pope and Chris Lines.

keyser soze – Fear is merely a mental choice. But perhaps I fear the young barmaid in your supporters bar. Beer can’t really be that cheap, can it? It must be that she can’t add up, surely?

Bacchus – Chris Lines. I was disappointed we didn’t sign him after his spell on loan here, looked a very good and consistent centre mid.

Scumarmy – The guy that plays up front [OVF Editor – now don’t you know that a repeated joke isn’t as funny the second time?]

8. A score prediction?

I think this will be a tough game that I could see us banana slipping…

DonsBoy – Hopefully a 2-0 win to Milton Keynes with goals coming from Benik Afobe and Daniel Powell.

Young Alby – 0-0. Milton Keynes 1-0 after a replay.

Jamesdon – I think this will be a tough game that I could see us banana slipping but I think we’ll win 2-1 Dons Powell and Grigg for Dons Pope for Vale.

keyser soze – Vale 2 – 1 Dons.

Bacchus – 2-0 to Port Vale.

Scumarmy – Port Vale 0-0.01 Milton Keynes.


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