Vale Vaults Extras: a red club crest

Vale Vaults Extras: a red club crest

One of the more unexpected elements of the Vale Vaults exhibition was the number of fans bringing items to the exhibition. Here, we profile an unusual red Port Vale crest.

In the midst of a busy morning, we were presented with this unusual red crest. It dates from the 1954 team era and was the crest that the team wore on their blazers. The crest we were shown and allowed to photograph was clearly still attached to a blazer pocket.

Unlike the black and white badge on the team’s shirts at the time, the blazer’s crest was an exact copy of the coat of arms of Burslem hence the red and gold colouring.

The coat of arms was awarded to Burslem in 1876 and specified that “The shield was divided into four gold and red quarters with two vertical and two horizontal stripes interlaced and counterchanged…”

Here it is in more detail:




Vale Vaults Reloaded



We are in the process of putting together our photos and videos of the exhibition with the intention of placing them into a special section of the site – Vale Vaults Reloaded. Here, we will allow fans who were unable to attend to view the exhibition online. If you have video or photographs of Vale Vaults that you’d like to share, please contact Rob Fielding –


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