Opposing views: Bristol City (H)

Opposing views: Bristol City (H)

A number of fans of opponents Bristol City share their pre-match thoughts with OVF.
Havanatopia: “I started watching the season Joe Royle came to play for us, about 1979 as I recall. First match, from memory, was the 5-0 thrashing they dished out to Coventry on Boxing Day 79.”
Redsquirrel:  “I support Bristol City. The only league club in Bristol. The rest is history.”
1960maaan: “The first game I can remember (first I was allowed to go on my own) was Sunderland at Ashton Gate – a 4-3 win in 1970.I have visited nearly 80 teams and 100 grounds with City.”
UK0wnag3: “Hi, my name is UK0wnag3 and I’m an alcoholic. Watching City will do that to you…”
Aaron-Bcfc: “Season ticket holder, will try to make a few away games over the season.”

They all post on the excellent OTIB website


1. How do you expect your team to do this season?

At the start of the season I’d have settled with a play-off place but having seen our new signings in action and after a great start, the top two should be achievable…

Havanatopia – Auto promo.
Redsquirrel – I expect us to do better than you this season, hoping for top two finish.
1960maaan – I expect a top six, don’t think enough games played to know what we face really. We could go on and win it but as I say, I’d like to see more.
UK0wnag3 – Play-offs at a minimum, though automatics are within reach.
Aaron-Bcfc – At the start of the season I’d have settled with a play-off place but having seen our new signings in action and after a great start, the top two should be achievable.

2. Who should we watch out for?

Havanatopia – CONFIDENTIAL . Fellow City fans don’t give out needless help to the opposition however woeful a start they have made. Sorry fella.
Redsquirrel – Adam El Abd is our biggest threat and by far the most dangerous. Some genital deep freeze in your physio’s bag would be my best tip for you.
1960maaan – 1 to 11, everyone has a goal in them and we are more a team than a single player. 1 to 11’s in old money of course.
UK0wnag3 – Aaron Wilbraham, Kieran Agard, Luke Freeman.
Aaron-Bcfc – Luke Freeman is a talented, skilful player with a lovely left foot. Aaron Wilbraham is a great target man and has started the season in great goalscoring form (5 in 7). At wing back Mark Little can cause problems with his pace and power and Kieran Agard has started brightly having arrived from Rotherham recently.

3. What are your thoughts on your manager and his signings this season?

Havanatopia – I CANNOT recall a pre-season where we have signed so many decent players on paper AND in reality ALL have contributed enormously to our superb start and added to the boys who did us proud at the back end of last season. Cotterill was not a popular choice by many on here, me included, not least because of the rather closed shop type way he was appointed, not a typical approach by our board. That said it has turned out, thus far, to be a shrewd move even more so by ditching our hitherto hailed ‘five pillars’ policy of club progression. I am sure a fellow fan can expand on that if he feels like getting rather bored.
Redsquirrel – I think our manager is good. The signings are good too.
1960maaan – SC is proving the doubters wrong (myself included), he was probably the least popular appointment since Tony Pulis, but he is definitely growing on people. Signings could not be (much) better.
UK0wnag3 – Steve Cotterill has brought back a feel good factor not seen since the glory days of Gary Johnson. His summer signings have all featured heavily and have all been class thus far.
Aaron-Bcfc – Very happy with Cotterill since he’s came through the door and I have been very impressed with his signings this summer- all have contributed so far.

4. What are your thoughts on your board and off-field club activities?

Steve Lansdown is all you could ask for in an owner, he’s has made mistakes (some big ones). but all with the right intentions…

Havanatopia – They are a very dedicated, determined, and hard working group of people. I believe they are well respected in the game, especially our owner.
Redsquirrel – We have a new board man, he has his own special stand behind the shed end. He is awesome.
1960maaan – On the whole good, ticketing and match day queues have been a problem but with only three sides of the ground open for the next couple of years I’m willing to be patient. Steve Lansdown is all you could ask for in an owner, he’s has made mistakes (some big ones). but all with the right intentions. He has also paid for his mistakes, literally.
UK0wnag3 – We are fortunate to have to owner that we do, even though I have to wait two months for my third shirt to be delivered.
Aaron-Bcfc – A year ago things were in an awful state on and off the pitch with City fans really questioning the board, things have settled down now and Lansdown has invested quite heavily this summer. We’re currently undergoing a £40 million redevelopment of Ashton Gate as well.

6. Which one Vale player, past or present, would you take to add value to your squad?

Havanatopia – CONFIDENTIAL.
Redsquirrel – I don’t know any, sorry.
1960maaan – Always had a soft spot for Robbie Earle after he scored the play-off cfianl winner against the Gas in the olden days when they were in the league.
UK0wnag3 – We’re pretty strong in the striking department, but I’ve always like Jordan Slew.
Aaron-Bcfc – An injury free Steve Brooker, great player.

7. How do you expect Vale to do this season?

Havanatopia – Mid table.
Redsquirrel – Not very well.
1960maaan – Lower mid table.
UK0wnag3 – You should survive comfortably, but if you hit a poor run of form then who knows?
Aaron-Bcfc – I can see you finishing bottom half, avoiding relegation but not comfortably.

8. What is your team’s most memorable game with Vale?

Havanatopia – Sorry cannot recall although I did go to Vale Park once and was mighty impressed with the windswept packets of golden wonder crisps swirling around in unison on the lower open terracing of the away end… there was that much space. You certainly have a decent sized ground if you ever made it back to the second tier. I think we won that day as well about 15 years ago probably in this division.
Redsquirrel – The up and coming match will be the best so far.
1960maaan – My memory has nothing to do with the match. The Police allowed us in and get a pie before telling my mate he could remove his steel toe cap DM’s or leave the ground! It was freezing cold so he left. Good Policing!
UK0wnag3 – The 5-0 thrashing we have you at the end of last season. The last game under the lights in the Eastend and a ruthless City performance. “Ooh arghh, it’s a massacre”.
Aaron-Bcfc – A couple of memorable games against Vale last season, after dominating the match at Vale Park Aden Flint gifted Lee Hughes a golden chance in the 90th minute for you to snatch a draw. Later on we beat you 5-0 in what was one of our best games of the season.

9. A score prediction?

Havanatopia – I cannot see our band wagon being slowed or thwarted against Vale… Adams, is he still in charge? Talk of his departure in the close season was rather odd but it might reach newer heights if you become cemented into the bottom 4. I think we might add to his short term woes. No predictions on the scorers as thats.. you guessed it, CONFIDENTIAL.. duhhh… 1-2. You might score first though. Good luck for the rest of the season except when you play us of course.
Redsquirrel – Stupid question. Won’t know how Vale set up for a game like this. Attack the game and there will be plenty of goals both ends. Close up shop and we would probably grind out a 1-0 win. JET is due another hat-trick.
1960maaan – I’d go for a City win by the odd goal, scorers… not a clue.
UK0wnag3 – Vale 1 – 2 City – Slew & Agard (2).
Aaron-Bcfc – 2-1 to City. (Agard + Elliott for us, Pope for Vale).



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