To buy, or not to buy?

To buy, or not to buy?

What if fans wouldn’t commit to Port Vale season tickets until their lawyers had checked the documents? Barry Edge ponders that very situation.

Barry Edge writes…

It’s dateline June 1st, 2014: It’s 14:43 GMT and Birdy shares with onevalefan his variation on a theme of Micky Adam’s protracted new contract.

Birdy wrote… “I was thinking of buying a ST in January but thought I’d chew over it and buy one in ‘a few weeks’. I missed a couple of deadlines but I am mulling it over, but need my solicitor to check over the terms and conditions and wait to see if there is anything more attractive to spend my money on. What’s the rush or so people keep telling me?”

Well folks it was too good to miss for Aussie Rules and here is his fun poem for your further entertainment.

To Buy, Or Not To Buy

It was January last
When Birdy thought he’d buy
A Port Vale season ticket
And of that we could rely

He hadn’t seen the ticket
That was waiting there for him
But he had every faith
It was package neat and trim

Then Birdy ’chewed it over’
Saying he could not be pushed
Into taking such decisions –
Especially when they’re rushed

A few weeks more it seems
Gave Birdy extra time
And whilst there were no handshakes
He knew he’d be just fine

The weeks had slipped on by
And deadlines truly passed
When a message from North London
Was welcome news at last

His ticket’s now to hand
His pennies he must pay
But Birdy says he needs more proof
His heart and mind to sway

As Valiants read Onevalefan
Collective hearts did sink,
‘My Legal Team will check it first
Over dinner and a drink

In the meantime we must wait
And keep our fingers crossed
That Birdy keeps the faith
And his pennies are not lost

He’ll be back soon from holiday
To do what must be done
To finally pay his pennies
Like a true blue Burslem son

Barry Edge
Western Australia
June 1st, 2014

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