Rumours: Half a dozen linked with Vale

Rumours: Half a dozen linked with Vale

Following the news that Vale are about to name some new signings, it’s no surprise that the football rumour sites are going into overdrive.

Editorial Note

This feature contains rumour and speculation. All of these rumours should be treated as unconfirmed gossip until any move is officially announced by the club itself. We make no apologies for publishing some rumour and gossip (after all, even the state broadcaster, the BBC, publishes a daily Football Gossip column) but we’d just like to reiterate that this feature should not be treated too seriously.


Vale suggested that they are close to signing two new players and the club is expected to sign a total of five new players in time for the new season.

It’s therefore no surprise that a number of names have been put forward.

However, we would add that any of the players that have been put forward should be taken with a pinch of salt as they remain rumours until the club confirms or denies them.

Some of the names suggested include:

  • Florent Cuvelier, still under contract at Sheff Utd, is strongly linked – especially as Vale have confirmed they are in talks with a player still under contract
  • Despite Micky Adams’ denial, former Crewe winger Byron Moore continues to be linked with the club
  • Released Rotherham midfielder Michael O’Connor is another name regularly put forward
  • Former Crawley striker Billy Clarke is also tipped to join the Valiants
  • Former Welsh International defender Darcy Blake is rumoured to be a target possibly as a trialist
  • Following his release from Sheffield United,  Fabian Brandy is another possibility, although Walsall are likely to want the player too

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