Opposing views: Chesterfield

Opposing views: Chesterfield

In order to look ahead to the new season, REP has been talking to supporters of the teams that will join League One in August.

First up… it’s newly promoted Chesterfield

The fans


We’re grateful to Chesterfield fans A KICK IN THE BALLS and DMU BLUE from the Bob’s Board message board

Last season


1. Best player this season?

AKITB: Either Morsy or Ryan.

DB: Morsy.

2. Highlight(s) of the season on the pitch?

AKITB: Roberts scoring against Fleetwood to confirm the title.

DB: I had a great day away at Pompy. We won 2-0.

3. Worst moment(s) of the season on the pitch?

AKITB: Rochdale’s last minute equaliser (OVF comment- didn’t we suffer something similar the season before?)

DB: Somehow managing to lose to Mansfield at home. Morecambe. I also was unfortunate enough to sit through Southend and Wycombe away too.

4. Sum up the season in a sentence or two?

AKITB: We lacked cutting edge and needed a bit more tempo – yet we still won the league! I expected top three but was delighted with the title.

DB: We played some really good football at the start of the season. We got a bit found out and teams packed the defence and went to anti-tactics. We ground out results at the seasons end. We got more points than everyone else in the league so you have to say we deserved it

5. Your view on off-field affairs this season?

AKITB: The club is doing OKbut we need to reduce the debts, which it looks like we will be trying to do.

DB: It’s good to see us trying to generate additional revenue. The community hub and youth set up seems good.

Next season


6. What are your expectations for next season?

AKITB: Realistically 16th. Ideally 8th (ish).

DB: Ideally we’ll go up. Realistically anywhere above 20th is the aim which I think we’ll do.

7. Where do the club need to strengthen on the pitch?

AKITB: We need two strikers.

DB: We need at least two strikers and a right back. Probably an additional midfielder too.

8. If you could take one Port Vale player for next season who would it be?

AKITB: Tom Pope.

DB: I have no idea.

9. What do the club need to do off-field to improve?

AKITB: Reduce our debts.

DB: Clear the debt but it’s currently being managed OK.

10. If you were granted one wish for next season, what would it be?

AKITB: Go up via the play-offs and enjoy a cracking day at Wembley.

DB: I’d take a season where we finish mid-table but have one of the big Premier League clubs away in the FA Cup.

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