Opposing views: Bristol City

Opposing views: Bristol City

Three City fans share their views. They have differing views on former City player Myrie-Williams and on their owners but they all think City will win on Tuesday evening…

The fans

Ciderup has been following City since 1975. He watched them rise to the top table and fall to the bottom one and says: “It’s been a roller coaster but I ain’t getting off yet.”

Scrumpy has been a City supporter for 20 years.

Welcome to the Jungle’s first game was a 2001 fixture against Port Vale. He adds: “You helped kindle my fire for City.”

How are your team doing?

We’ve spent much of the season in and around the relegation zone, which was unthinkable…

Ciderup: I expected better but Sean O’Driscoll was a massive let down in my opinion. We’re getting better and should survive meaning Cotterill can get rid of a few more high earners/wastes of space and continue the rebuild.

Scrumpy: Picking up after much change.

Welcome to the Jungle: Few fans expected us to bounce back up, but it was in the back of all our minds. However, we’ve spent much of the season in and around the relegation zone, which was unthinkable. We’ve picked up some form of late winning three of our last four, and how we did not beat Swindon on Saturday to make it four out of four is a mystery to us all.

Who should we watch out for?

Wade Elliott has made a big difference to us since joining…

Ciderup: Obviously JET [Jay Emmanuel-Thomas] and Baldock are dangerous and we have a young attacker called Burns who you might want to look out for, he can certainly shift! Wade Elliott has made a big difference to us since joining too and Pearson and Kelly are returning from long term injury and are better than League One. Ex-England keeper Frankie Fielding will be between the posts, he started off badly but is showing his class now [OVF editorial note: most Fieldings do show their class…]

Scrumpy: The obvious two up front – Paterson’s an unknown quantity and we’re looking good overall.

Welcome to the Jungle: JET can take any team to pieces on his own on his day, regularly doing so under former manager Sean O’Driscoll. However his form has trailed off significantly since Steve Cotterill came in. Sam Baldock is the league’s second top goal scorer so is certainly our biggest threat. Watch out for young Wes Burns though, who will probably come on as a sub.

What are your thoughts on your manager?

Too much hair gel, a silly gold chain, but he’s getting us out of trouble after a rocky start…

Ciderup: His predecessor SOD totally split the support and we were shocking under him. Cotts has steadied the ship and we are certainly getting better. Given a full summer and the backing he needs, I am quite hopeful.

Scrumpy: The right man for the job.

Welcome to the Jungle: Too much hair gel, a silly gold chain, but he’s getting us out of trouble after a rocky start so I can’t complain.

What are your thoughts on your board and off-field club activities?

Ciderup: Our owner, Steve Lansdown [of Hargreaves Lansdown investment services – OVF editor]  is stupidly wealthy but naïve about football club ownership. He has employed seemingly good people but it just hasn’t worked. The club have also been so busy chasing a new stadium that I reckon the board forgot what the club is about. Now we are redeveloping the Gate, hopefully this will change.

Scrumpy: They’re doing their best but getting ‘pushed back’ by a moaning contingent – but I’m sure they don’t really care. I wouldn’t if I had a load of money being pumped into a club I care about.

Welcome to the Jungle: Personally I’m not for Bristol City being part of ‘Bristol Sport’ – an umbrella company, which includes Bristol Rugby. Ashton Gate is going to be a joint home to both teams as of next season, so we no longer own Ashton Gate, though it is rent free. Our attempts to build a new stadium fell through after some NIMBY dog walkers blocked it after a judicial review: the land in question is a former landfill site, crazy. Ashton Gate seems all but certain to be redeveloped now and we’re leading the charge for the return of standing, which I am proud of [OVF editor – Ashton Gate now includes a demonstration “safe standing” block – see this link].

Any views on Port Vale?

I went to Vale Park and your lot are probably the worst team I’ve seen this season…

Ciderup: I always think of Robbie Earle [REP note – this man knows pure quality!] when I think of Vale, He single handedly p****d the Gas  [Bristol Rovers] off in the play-offs a good few years ago so I actually have a lot of time for Port Vale. I spent a bit of time working up there and met some really nice Vale supporters.

Scrumpy: I went to Vale Park and your lot are probably the worst team I’ve seen this season. No stand-out player – no pace/power/technical ability. Sorry to say, but that’s my honest opinion. I’ve seen other teams who don’t seem very strong, but give it a go and try and play it, but Vale looked abysmal that day. I’m not comparing you to our team, we were pretty poor too back then, but had the ability…

Welcome to the Jungle: Apart from my first game, I’ve no other key memories.

Any views and memories of players involved with both teams?

Ciderup: Jennison [Myrie-Williams] was a promising young ‘un when he was with us and probably needed to get away. I would have him back now though. Steve Brooker was excellent for us but injury spoilt it, a great player all the same.

Scrumpy: JMW was average at best and still is. Apparently fast but isn’t! If he’s fast, then so is JET.

Welcome to the Jungle: Brooker could have been a really great player but was just injured all the time, a real shame. He scored the first goal I ever saw at Ashton Gate. JMW just never got going here, though I see he’s bounced back and is doing well for himself.

A score prediction?

I’d be disappointed if we didn’t win, put it that way…

Ciderup: I reckon we will turn you over at our place but you can’t possibly be as bad as you were at Vale Park. Jennison will probably notch one on his return to BS3 but Balders and Martin Paterson will get three between them. 3-1 City.

Scrumpy: I’d be disappointed if we didn’t win, put it that way…

Welcome to the Jungle: You’ll probably score as our clean sheet on Saturday was our first since December and only our third all season (in the league). However with dodgy defenders suspended or injured, and Frank Fielding finding great form, we might keep you out. We’ll probably score too so I’ll go 3-1 to the City.

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