FSF still able to assist Vale fans

FSF still able to assist Vale fans

Rob Fielding has had a catch-up with the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) regarding supporters’ complaints about the policing at the Wolves home game.

FSF representative Amanda Jacks told this site that a high number of complaints (over 50 letters) about the policing were received by the Port Vale Supporters Club. Amanda and the FSF have offered assistance to the Supporters Club and offered to review the complaints that they have received.

However, Jacks pointed out that complaints against the police generally take a long time to resolve due to the Police’s own internal complaints procedures and she has asked Vale fans to be patient. If you wish to file a complaint then there is still time to do so – aggrieved fans should contact the FSF or the Port Vale Supporters Club.

Jacks also commented that the FSF are aware that charges have been filed against some Vale supporters and fans who feel that they have been unjustly charged can contact the FSF for expert advice and legal representation.

The FSA has legal experts who are widely experienced in the complex legal issues regarding football policing complaints and will offer free advice should supporters contact them. You can contact Amanda at amanda.jacks@fsf.org.uk or on 07703 519555. The FSF can be reached on 0330 44 000 44 or via their website – http://www.fsf.org.uk/

What can a fan do?

Amanda Jacks has also produced an excellent blog post on what to do should you have an issue with the police or stewarding while at at football game.

Read it here




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