SC: Finish Lorne St during the season?

SC: Finish Lorne St during the season?

Port Vale Supporters Club have published details of a meeting with Norman Smurthwaite during which the owner asked fans to send in their wish lists and also wants to know if there would be support for completing the unfinished part of the Lorne St stand during the season.

The meeting notes say:

The Chair of the Supporters Club, Ally, along with Vice Chair Jim, met with Norman Smurthwaite yesterday. Here are the main points from the meeting:

* There are now only six executive boxes left in Vale Park for the coming season.
* The Lindley Catering deal is now dead. Negotiations are underway to bring oatcakes to Vale Park, for both upstairs and downstairs areas.
* 4200+ season tickets have now been sold. From these, 100 were bought on a payment plan. 400 of last years season ticket holders did not renew… Smurf would like to know what stopped people from renewing.
* If anyone would like to upgrade their season ticket to be a vp, the cost will be offset against what you have already paid.
* The club is committed to providing first class facilities for families and are still in consultation regarding the new family stand. If the stand was to be opened during this season, would families be prepared to transfer their season tickets to the new stand? Do people see any issues with this or have any comments / concerns?
* The pre-season tour of Ireland is as follows: 9th July -Althone Town / 13th July – Bray. Smurf is considering looking at negotiating special rates for Vale fans who want to to go the games if there is a demand. Let me know your thoughts.
* Vale Park will be a cashless entry system as of the start of the new season. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket office on the day but there will be no cash turnstiles.
* Norman is currently looking at Northwood Stadium for the Vale Academy and some first team members to use.
* Mickey Adams is actively recruiting new players (even throughout his holiday) with full support from Norman.
* Tommy Cheadles is to become a regular pub venue again, which will be open 2 to 3 nights per week. They’re looking to host themed nights etc and will be open before and after matches (police permitting). Sky television is to be installed and Vale are interested in any up and coming local live bands, who would like to use the venue to showcase their music.
* I asked about whether there would be an open day this year and was asked to measure the demand from fans. So, would you like one? If so, what would you like to see there?
* Smurf would like some volunteer painters this Monday 17th June please. To paint some of the Lorne street stand. Please get in touch with me by email or message me on Facebook.
* The next Supporters Club meeting is to be held on Thursday 20th June at 7:30pm in Tommy Cheadles. Norman will be in the audience, listening to what people have to say and having a pint. He assures me he isn’t usually a drinker, but look what he’s prepared to do for the good of the club!!
* Can supporters please email me your wish lists for what you would like to see at the club. (Sensible ones please!) Norman is committed to listening to the fans and providing a quality match day experience.

If you’d like to comment on any of these issues, please do speak to a member of the Supporters Club or email Ally on  email

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