Pope joint-top after Cheltenham rout

Pope joint-top after Cheltenham rout

Striker Tom Pope was a run-away winner of the OVF man of the match vote for the 3-2 home victory over Cheltenham Town.

Pope, who scored a match-winning hat-trick in the game, was an overwhelming winner with the striker securing 77% of the votes cast.

This latest MOTM win was Pope’s sixth of the season and takes him to joint-top of the overall MOTM leaderboard alongside Chris Neal and Ryan Burge.

The overall winner will be crowned as our player of the season.


  • 6 votes: Burge, Neal, Pope
  • 5 votes: Morsy, Dodds
  • 4 votes: Myrie-Williams
  • 3 votes: Jones, Loft
  • 2 votes: Purse, McDonald
  • 1 vote: Yates, Johnson, Williamson, McCombe

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