Tideswell: So far, so good…

Tideswell: So far, so good…

Prominent Vale columnist Martin Tideswell has reiterated the Supporters Club “cautious” welcome to preferred bidder Paul Wildes by commenting that Vale fans “have more confidence this takeover may actually go through.”

Tideswell’s blog begins: “Well, he turned up – which is a start. It’s something Keith Ryder didn’t do when named as the preferred bidder for Port Vale six months ago.

“Back then I wasn’t bothered. Yesterday, badly scarred by Ryder’s vanishing act, I absolutely was.

“Paul Wildes had also had a shave, something else Keef never seemed to get around to all the times I met him.

“In addition, the new man appears to have a background which he’s comfortable talking about – another reason for Vale supporters to perhaps have more confidence that this takeover may actually go through…”

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