Tideswell: Vale staff and fans deserve much better than this

Tideswell: Vale staff and fans deserve much better than this

Influential Port Vale columnist Martin Tideswell says the takeover saga is turning Port Vale into a “laughing stock” and that “incredibly poor handling of this takeover by all three parties from a public relations perspective, in terms of deadlines set and broken and the non-existent communications with Port Vale’s fans, has severely damaged their reputation and is in danger of derailing our season before it begins.”

Tideswell’s blog begins as follows:

“Enough really is enough. Port Vale’s employees and supporters deserve much, much better than the farce that is being played out in public at the moment.

The ongoing saga of preferred-bidder Keith Ryder’s takeover of the club is once again turning Port Vale into a laughing stock and undermining his reputation with the very people he ultimately needs to win over.

For weeks and weeks now, just like the Supporters’ Club, I have kept my powder dry. I have answered fans honestly when they have rung me, emailed or contacted me via Twitter or Facebook.

At the same time I haven’t wanted to fuel the rumours and speculation or doing anything to rock the boat.

I am just desperate for our club to be out of administration and avoiding a 10-point deduction.

But now, two weeks from the start of the new season, I am forced to ask: What the hell is going on at Port Vale?”

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  1. for 3 months now we have been led down a path of hope towards a new era , well that is what ryder young and krasner had us believe. unless something changes dramatically it could be the slaughterhouse . how can begbies traynor justify their fees if this goes belly up ? and as for mr ryder well will you be holding anymore open meetings ? put up or shut up .

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