Supporters Club: Ryder deal still on course

Supporters Club: Ryder deal still on course

Following Keith Ryder’s statement on the official Port Vale website, the official Port Vale Supporters Club have also issued a statement in which they reassure fans that Keith Ryder’s takeover is still on course.

The delay in Ryder’s deal receiving Football League approval combined with a distinct lack of updates from club administrators Begsbies-Traynor have lead to several rumours circulating about the deal.

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But in a statement the Supporters Club chairman Pete Williams said: “I have spoken to a representative of the Football League who assures me that talks are still ongoing with legal representatives of preferred bidder Keith Ryder and the administrators and they working towards a speedy resolution.

“I understand that the Football League are being particularly cautious with regard to Port Vale in the light of recent events at Glasgow Rangers and Portsmouth.

“However, I can say I have spoken to Mr Ryder this morning and he assures me that rumours that the deal has fallen through or that he has pulled out are completely untrue and that he is working very hard to resolve the outstanding issues.

“I understand how frustrated and concerned fans are However, the Supporters’ Club is working very hard to keep abreast of the situation and will issue a further statement as soon as we have any news.

“Let us just say that, at times, information has been very hard to come by and all we can do, as representatives of the fanbase, is trust the word of people we are speaking to at the Football League, Begbies Traynor, and of course, Mr Ryder himself.

“We look forward to holding a fans’ meeting soon where we can discuss: the Sproson statue unveiling; how money donated by supporters has and can be spent; and how we can work with Mr Ryder and the club on a range of initiatives going forward.”

Mr Williams added that the committee of the Supporters’ Club had today written a letter to Staffordshire Police requesting an update on the force’s investigation into former directors of Port Vale and allegations of financial malpractice at the club.

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