Sentinel: 'one term' delaying Ryder takeover

Sentinel: 'one term' delaying Ryder takeover

The Sentinel newspaper reports that disagreement over one term is causing the delays to the Football League’s approval of Keith Ryder’s takeover bid.

Administrator Bob Young told the newspaper: “Keith has now consented to all of the terms set down by the league, except one.

“Both parties have been exchanging emails since the second half of last week.

“Negotiations are very much ongoing and there is some give and take going on from both sides of the table.

I think it’s relatively solvable, but there is definitely an issue to be overcome.

“It seems quite a Draconian provision by the Football League, so it’s difficult for Keith to just say ‘yes’ to it like that.

“Both sides are offering a compromise and I’m sure an agreement will be reached pretty soon.”

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