Vale kit database now stretches back 46 years

Vale kit database now stretches back 46 years

OVF has been busy making corrections and adding new entries to the Port Vale kit database, so that it now displays a whopping 79 kit designs stretching right back to 1966.

The database contains home kits, away kits *, goalkeeper designs and one-off kits.

* The away kits currently listed date from 1982 to present – we have not sourced away kits from earlier than that period yet!

To check the database out click on the following link or click on the link from “Stats” on the top menu:

We appreciate all the comments and corrections we have received so far. We expect that we’re made errors with this latest batch of entries, so we welcome your comments.

Any kits we don’t have images of have not been listed. That is why we have no away shirts prior to 1982 and why, for example, this season’s purple goalkeeping kit does not have an entry yet. We’d really appreciate any images missing from our database, that OVF users can provide.

If you spot something wrong, something missing or can provide us with a better picture or one we don’t have please email:

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