Mo Chaudry expresses interest in buying Port Vale FC

Mo Chaudry expresses interest in buying Port Vale FC

The Sentinel newspaper reports that local millionaire Mo Chaudry would be ready to take over Port Vale FC – if the price was right.

Chaudry told the newspaper: “I didn’t expect things to materialise at Port Vale so quickly, but now they have I feel I have a duty to see if the right deal can be structured.

“If it can, I am certainly prepared to throw in my lot and give the club a future. But my money is hard-earned and I must make a business decision.

“The more I have to pay to buy the club, the less there is going to be in the kitty to preserve its future. It is as simple as that.”

Chaudry also reassured fans that he did not want to buy the club to develop its land saying: “If that was my motive, I could wait to see if the club went into liquidation, then buy the land.

“I am a local man. Why would I want to kill the club?

“In the past, people have gone on about the value of the land, but that is totally academic to me because we are not in a normal business situation where I could ever consider flattening the land and building houses.”


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