What's Happening to me?

What's Happening to me?

Leigh Briscoe is the granddaughter of one time Valiant player William Briscoe (1898-1994). Her many posts on onevalefan include telling us of her love for her husband and children. She also tells us the ‘Birthday Beemer’ is still costing an arm and leg to keep on the road. But it is her latest post, dated May 13, that ask questions many of us can relate to…


What’s happening to me?

The Readers Digest Letter
Said ‘Lucky, lucky you
Our records have revealed
You’re of the chosen few’,
A quick glance at the shelf
And I wonder if I’m mad,
Or do those books I’ve purchased
Say I’m getting like my dad.

I potter in the garden,
Mow the lawn; weed the path,
There’s dirt and perspiration
And I’m ready for a bath,
My lower back is aching
My leg is poorly bad,
So off I go for treatment
Just like my dear old dad.

I tell one of my sons
His music to turn down,
I think it’s truly awful
And my head’s a constant frown,
On top of which I’m listening
To a programme much more fun
On radio station ‘Four,
Now I’m sounding like my mum.

I gave my other son
A right old ticking off,
For his pronunciation
Is going to the pot,
The t’s they go a-missing
And ain’t’s another one,
“It is bottle if you please”,
Yes, I’m sounding like my mum.

I’m buying on the ‘net –
That other shopping way,
And Tupperware’s my choice
From people on eBay,
And though I know they’re useful
For picnics in the sun,
I somehow can’t help thinking
That I’m acting like my mum.

So now I ask these questions,
What’s happening to me?
Have I turned into my parents?
And can this really be?
The only thing’s that’s left,
And here’s the real scare,
I’m watching television
And fall asleep in my chair.

But getting back to ‘Digest,
I’m ‘Valued’ so they say
And would I like to enter
Another ‘Give away’,
Plus, if I post today
A bonus I’ll receive
And if I win the Grand Prize
My dreams I will achieve.

They say that I am loyal,
My status’ privileged too,
‘Return your five star stamp
And your prize we’ll send to you’,
But, when all’s said and done
My family is my wealth,
So all I need to do
Is to simply be myself.

Barry Edge
Western Australia
June 3, 2004


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