‘Totally deluded’ directors making things worse

‘Totally deluded’ directors making things worse

Sentinel columnist and life-long Vale supporter Phil Sherwin believes some members of the board are “totally deluded” if they think their continued presence on the board is helping the club. Sherwin adds that he believes their continued presence is actually making things worse, not better.

Sherwin, in his latest column for the Sentinel newspaper, comments:  “Surely they [the board] must realise they are no longer wanted, or are they totally deluded? Well, having spoken to two of them, I believe they probably are.

Their continued presence cannot be for the good of the club because exactly what are they doing to make things better?

Why not just go now? I know we need four directors to function legally, but the four in power right now don’t appear to be functioning at all. Meanwhile, the club is being left to die.”

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