Supporters Club: Protests must continue

Supporters Club: Protests must continue

The official Port Vale Supporters’ Club has issued a statement urging fans to keep the pressure on the board by demonstrating at every forthcoming game – both home and away.

The full statement reads as follows:

Port Vale Supporters’ Club statement                                 

January 11, 2012

Port Vale Supporters’ Club is urging fans to keep up the pressure on the club’s board of directors by demonstrating at every forthcoming game – home and away

Supporters’ Club chairman Pete Williams said he believed it was vital that fans and shareholders continued to protest visibly against the current regime.

He said: “The Supporters’ Club is working hard behind the scenes to affect the kind of change we now know that the vast majority of Port Vale fans want.

“However, in the light of the refusal of directors to step down and their continuing denial of the obvious facts that they have lie to, misled and manipulated supporters and shareholders, I would urge fans to continue to stage peaceful demonstrations – starting with a protest outside the club’s main entrance before and after Saturday’s home game against Wimbledon.

“There has been a cynical attempt by directors to paint fans as troublemakers recently. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that frustrated fans have been visiting the club in an attempt to speak to various board members but have been denied access to the people running their club.

“The Supporters’ Club is now urging as many fans as possible to join the protests – especially those who have perhaps never demonstrated before. We endorse this peaceful and very public way of keeping up the pressure on the club’s discredited the board of directors.” 

Mr Williams also urged fans to take the Vale directors up on their kind offers of arranging appointments for a chat up at the club on non-match days.

He added: “Port Vale is a club which belongs to the community, its fans and shareholders and I would urge everyone who wishes to air their views to contact the club on 01782 655800. We at the Supporters’ Club would certainly be interested to here how they get on”

Mr Williams added: “Fans can rest assured that, frustrating as it may be that these discredited directors haven’t yet stepped down, work is going on behind the scenes towards the speedy removal of Messrs Deakin, Lloyd, Oliver and Miller and the creation of an interim board to replace them.”

The Supporters’ Club would like to thank fans’ groups Black & Gold, North London Valiants and Starve ‘Em Out for their continued assistance. We stand united.

Thanks to you all for showing you care.

The SC would also like to take this opportunity to wish Micky and the lads all the best for the Wimbledon game.

Up the Vale!

SC membership has more than trebled to over 700 Vale fans in recent months.

Membership of the Supporters’ Club is completely free and people can join online through this link:

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