An open letter to Robbie Williams

An open letter to Robbie Williams

OVF was number 15 in the Guardian’s Football Fanzine section and this feature was published on Wednesday 25th April 2001.


Dear Robbie,

We’re a bit worried about you.

We all know how the pub conversation goes: “You’re a Port Vale fan? Isn’t that the club that Robbie Williams supports?”

The answer used to be so easy. To be honest we were delighted that the Vale was “the one” for you. But now?

Well, for a publicity-hungry pop star you seem to have a done a pretty good job of shying away from your association with Port Vale.

Just a few years back, you were opening “PORT VALE” emblazoned guitar cases on TV, wearing Vale shirts at concerts and starring in BBC documentaries on the hallowed Vale Park pitch.

Not any more.

The Millennium stadium’s Rock DJ may have had Let Me Entertain You blasting out of the stadium PA system, but there was no evidence that the Ego himself had landed at Cardiff.

We’ve seen sightings of you at Highbury, at St James’ Park and even the Olympic stadium in Munich. But as for Vale Park – not a glimpse.

The onevalefan site has tried to contact you. We thought you may want a chat about the Valiants. We thought we might be able to persuade you to come to a game or to give the club some much needed good publicity. But there’s no way through your management entourage.

Have you fallen out of love with us? Has the glamour and bright lights of the Premiership seduced you? Was it all (God forbid) a chance to use an alleged love of a strangely named football club like Port Vale as a chance for cheap publicity? Surely you weren’t one of those celebrity football hangers-on?

We’re still hoping you haven’t abandoned your roots, Robbie. You may not have been at the Millennium Stadium for our greatest game of recent years – our 2-1 LDV Vans Trophy win over Brentford – but we’d all love to see you at the ground soon.

And if you ever fancy a chat about the Vale – we’re always available to take that call.

Yours as ever,

Rob Fielding,

Editor –

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