Disgruntled fan produces anti-board website

Disgruntled fan produces anti-board website

An anonymous Port Vale fan has produced a new Port Vale website www.getoutofportvale.co.uk

Underneath pictures of the club’s four “directors” the website’s byline is “They destroyed our club, don’t let them anywhere near your club. You have been warned!”

The introduction adds that the site is “about four Port Vale Football Club “Directors” who, through their own greed, lies and incompetence are bringing our club to its knees.”

It continues: “this site will ensure all the information is gathered together in one place, publicised and promoted as widely as is possible in the hope that other clubs and other fans do not suffer the consequences of their [the four directors] actions as we do right now.”

The website is available at – www.getoutofportvale.co.uk


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