Deakin: I’ll stay till March (and maybe longer)

Deakin: I’ll stay till March (and maybe longer)

Outgoing CEO Perry Deakin has caused outrage with the revelation that he will remain in his post at least until March despite resigning in November. The news emerged on Wednesday after a group of fans visited Vale Park demanding the CEO’s immediate exit. After club officials met the group, Deakin was (somewhat bizarrely) given a police escort home.

A club spokesman told the Sentinel: “Nothing has changed. The five-month period was always the minimum notice Mr Deakin would serve and his final date has never been decided.  

“If we lose any board members at the moment we would be ‘inquorate’ and the board would be unable to operate. We hope to appoint Mr Miller’s successor soon.”  

Fans have been campaigning for Deakin to leave immediately after a series of revelations included suggestions he had bought a £100,000 stake when, in fact, he had been issued with “nil-paid” shares, which were then, in turn, used to elect him as a director. It also emerged last week that a £277,000 loan had been taken out with Gibraltar-based Continental Solutions to help fund day-to-day operations at the club.

Fans have now stepped up their call for an Extraordinary General Meeting to vote all current directors – Deakin, Peter Miller, Mike Lloyd and Glenn Oliver off the board.

Supporters’ club chairman Pete Williams told the Sentinel: “Deakin announced he had gone. Miller had his contract terminated as chairman. Neither paid for any shares, but both are still on the board. It is disgraceful.  

“I will call a meeting of the supporters’ club and we need to work out how soon we can get an interim board together to remove the present four and start planning ahead.”

Steve Burdekin of North London Valiants added: “When Perry Deakin announced he had resigned I was sceptical whether his departure would be anything like immediate.  

“The pressure will be maintained on him as his position is untenable.  

“Ultimately, there is only one winner – the fans were here before these people and will be here long after.”  

Alan Baker of the Black and Gold campaign group commented: “For Mr Deakin to remain at the club any longer shows the contempt the board holds for shareholders and fans.”

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