Cult Hero 07: Brett Angell

Cult Hero 07: Brett Angell

Sometimes, when you have to pick a cult hero, it really helps to choose one that fits the stereotypes. And Brett Angell certainly ticks all the boxes…



Name: Brett Angell
Cult qualifications: experienced old journeyman, short but prolific spell
Time at Vale: 2002
Appearances: 17
Goals: 7

A failure in the Premier League with Everton and Sunderland, where according to “he flopped like a fat man falling into a pool from the 10 metre board” Angell became the archetypal lower league pro; a big brute of a centre-forward, the classic “hold-up” man with the happy knack of poaching goals by being in the right place at the right time.

He had played for 14 clubs with varying degrees of success in 16 years, before he joined Vale, aged 34 years of age, in 2002.

His spell at Vale Park only lasted 17 appearances, as ‘cash-strapped Vale’ (when are we anything but?) could only afford to offer him a short-term deal. Nevertheless, it still yielded seven goals and his experience undoubtedly benefitted young strikers Steve McPhee and (in particular) Billy Paynter.

He moved on to endure a far less successful spell at QPR and then drifted out of the game, notably stacking shelves at Tesco for a while. He is now a coach in New Zealand.

No doubt, the big man has some big plans… just don’t mention Everton or Sunderland!

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